Cardcaptor Sakura

Construction Details:
The wings are ostrich feathers on a pvc frame that I used heat to bend upwards. I chose ostrich because I felt Yue's wings should be more ethereal then normal looking wings considering he is the Moon Guardian. The ostrich gives the wings a light and airy look and feel.

They slide into a corset based harness that I constructed. The corset is made so that I can use it to bind down while also supporting the wing structure. The harness itself is built into it. I used the metal bands that go around wood that I got from the Lowe's trash can.

The outfit is cotton and all the blue detailing is resin. The purple is all dance wear knit. The wig is a combination of a silver/white 3 foot wig and a 4 foot wig extension purchased from Epic Cosplay.

Personal Thoughts:
This has been a dream costume of mine for a very long time. Perhaps from the moment I started to cosplay. CCS was one of the first anime's I ever saw as I casually watched it over my college roommate's shoulder as she watched it. This anime could very well have been the start of my CLAMP obsession.
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Series Cardcaptor Sakura
Character Yue

CelestianWizard -flails- I remember accidentally running into you at the con. This is an amazing cosplay! ^w^ Congrats on a wonderful costume!

water sprite I was so thrilled to see your cosplay at Otakon! CCS is one of my favorites, and Yue is one of my favorite characters. Beautiful job, especially on the wings!