Radiant Historia



Radiant Historia is a wonderful game with one of my favorite things, time travel! Stocke is my favorite character from the game--he's refreshingly level-headed and competent, compared to many other JRPG protagonists.

The costume itself is fairly straightforward, and consists of three main pieces: a tunic, a half-apron-thing, and a cape. These were constructed of red microsuede and are fully lined. The most annoying part of this costume would have to be all this bias tape (which I gave up doing correctly halfway and just ended up top-stitching, because there was just so much of it...) The gauntlets and belts are mostly vinyl, and the undershirt, pants, and boots were bought.

This costume is very warm and comfortable--probably best for winter cons due to all the layering.


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Series Radiant Historia
Character Stocke


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