Dave Strider (Aces)




This was... pretty last minute, actually.

And to be honest, I had been pretty adamant about Dave's white tuxedo.

But I had all the stuff needed for the black suit, so... why not?

I painted on the white struck record without a stencil (I tend to eyeball everything), and picked up a white tie from a thrift store, along with a black long-sleeved men's shirt.

The wig was my old Link wig, and it was the only wig I had that would've worked for this version of Dave. But I plan on replacing it asap because it SHEDS.

The aviators I got from eBay for five dollars; they're actual legit ones with 400 UV protection, so I wear them around my campus, too.

The turntables... you know, for my fifth or sixth prop, and made out of cardboard, I'm pretty proud of them. All I did was literally take a cardboard box I had in my basement and cut out some shapes. I then took four days to gut the cardboard with a pair of scissors and my pocket knife, and hot glued it all together. It was a bunch of layering and painting, but I thought they looked pretty good. Since I wasn't able to get real vinyl records to put on top, I used a shiny black metallic paint for the fake records.

Then comes the Strider magic.

Fishing wire was my best friend, and my worst enemy, when it came to using it to make them float and spin. I learned quickly how fast fishing wire can cut off circulation to your hands xD So I padded the wire and threaded it into my sleeves. I can do the whole "Pschoo!!" motion and flip them out and have them spin that way, but one of them is on a slightly more crooked axis, and wobbled a bit.

I got some pretty good compliments from people, even if they didn't know who I was or what I was from, so it was nice.

I'll be doing other versions of Dave. And I realize this version doesn't have the timetables; he has that broken record sword. But I wanted to be a bit unique and have fun, and if people mack on me so much about it, then I'll finish up white-tuxedo!Dave and make the sword for this version later XD


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Series Homestuck
Character Dave Strider (Aces)
Variant Aces/Black Suit/Doomed


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