Faye Valentine

Cowboy Bebop



Cowboy Bebop has always been one of my favourite animes and I've wanted to cosplay Faye since forever xD But she's such a strong, selfish, young woman and I simple haven't felt mature enough to cosplay her until now.

I had to order the fabric from Ebay since it wasn't possible to buy it in Denmark. When I started sewing it I made the first pair of shorts with a stupid pattern that made them look awful - so I had to redo them. Because of this I ALMOST didn't have enough fabric for the top - so it's a bit too short xD

I decided to go with baby-pink stockings (instead of skin-colored like other Faye cosplayers use) because her stockings are baby-pink in the anime :)

In June 2014 I got a new wig for the cosplay that looks a lot better than the old one!

I also made my boyfriends Spike Spiegel cosplay~


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Series Cowboy Bebop
Character Faye Valentine


cavtrooper63 Great Fay Fay cosplay..and yes I like the baby pink stocking color too...;-)

Narnian Lovely Faye cosplay! You did a great job!