Moka Akashiya [vampire persona]

Rosario + Vampire



She does not wear this dress in the series, rather it is based on a figurine of her Vampire persona. All patterns are made by me. This costume was made on a strict budget of only using things I already had at the house.

Dress: This originally started as my attempt to re-make my Ada Wong cosplay for a school project, needless to say, I failed miserably. So I had a massive amount of red satin lying around and no idea what to do with it, until about a year later when :devwebyugioh: got me to read Rosario Vampire. I love Moka's inner vampire. She's always so elegant and has the most common sense of all the characters. The bodice is lightly boned and has a built-in bra. It zips closed in the back. All the ruffles are hand-gathered and the edges are zig-zagged. The ribbon is white satin ribbon and the black strips are black satin that was also used for the accessories. The white fabric is left over from my old Sakura costume. The white lace was a gift (the lace on the bodice was painted black using fabric paint).

Wings: Made from black satin. They have wire sewn in to make them able to stand up.

Bracelet: made of black satin and both the base cuff and wing have a layer of interfacing sandwiched in the middle for sturdiness. The chain wraps arounf the wrist and the cuff closes using hooks and eyes.

Necklace: I tweaked the design a bit using materials I had on hand, and I am quite happy with how it turned out. The large clear beads are glass, making it surprisingly heavy which helps it stay in place. It does have a working buckle on the left side, however my dress form has a larger neck than I.

Sleeve: Made from white spandex left over from gunner Yuna. Lightly dyed with fabric dye.

Anklets: (on chair) made of black satin fabric and black satin ribbon with interfacing in the middle. They lace up using silver eyelets and thin black ribbon.


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Series Rosario + Vampire
Character Moka Akashiya [vampire persona]
Variant gothic lolita


CassieAnimelove DUDE! I LOVE IT!.... Are you thinking about selling this? lols or... CAN U PWEEZE HELP ME WITH MINE? lols :3