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I recently took out my Boushh costume and realized just how much I've grown as a seamstress as I noticed about a billion mistakes in the soft parts of the costume. I plan on wearing this costume to Wondercon next year, and I need to:

[]re-make belt buckle: my old one was made when I was just learning how to work with plastics. I'll be remaking it with worbla.

[]order leather belt blank: my old belt was from a thrift store...and you could kind of tell. I'll also be re-purposing my leather Jedi belt pouch, which is technically not an accurate thermal detonator pouch, but it's the perfect size for my phone, etc. and it'll be under the cape.

[]re-make inner tunic: my old tunic was horrendously inaccurate--I plan on re-making the main body with a roughly woven cotton and have suede sleeves with fosshape to hold the spikes up properly.

[]re-make outer tunic: again, the general shape is wrong. I'll be re-drafting this pattern based upon the one I used for my Jedi costume.

[]re-make pants: it hurts me to do so, since this was the first major project I was really proud of, but the pleats are incorrect (they're supposed to be rouched!), I'm missing a major seam on the front, and the proportions are wrong. At least I'll know what to do this time, and I'll have fun weathering them ;)

[]re-make spats: this will be my third time making them, but holy cow was I off in terms of top stitching &gt;.<

[]Attach commlink to shoulder armor: it turns out the commlink attaches with a piece of webbing. That actually makes a LOT more sense, haha.

[]touch up all armor: everything just needs some very minor touch ups :)


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