League of Legends



This costume is based on the Chinese art version of the Spellthief skin of Lux.

This costume was pretty simple to make, but lots of fun. I especially enjoyed constructing the hooded cape. It was a blast to make and paint.

At the last minute I misplaced my wig (I'm moving, and I tossed it in the wrong box while packing. Boo), so the pictured wig is one I borrowed from Melvinopolis. The style isn't quite perfect, but I was lucky and grateful she lent it to me.

If you have any questions concerning the construction of this costume, please drop me a line!

SO much thanks to Kungfufish Photos for the shoot. He always does such an amazing job.


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Last Updated 5 years ago
Created 7 years ago
Series League of Legends
Character Lux
Variant Spellthief skin (Cninese art version)


GamesYouCantWin The coat looks so awesome! The blue stuff looks so well crafted. Also your belt. Its just a shame there aren't more pictures in which there's more focus on your belt.