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Seriously ok. I did some weeaboo shit way back when that constituted only as closet cosplay so this is the first FOR REAL LETS DO THIS AND SPEND SOME MONEY cosplay. :')

The catsuit and boots of course were easy. I purchased the suit on eBay and the boots at Walmart for convenience's sake.

It was the helmet, my friends, that was the cosplay.

I modded it myself. Which was...ahem, an undertaking for an amateur like myself.

For Anime Matsuri 2011 I had only gone as far as to create a cardboard skeleton of the ears on top of the helmet. I had seen a tutorial of sorts somewhere on dA.

Once the cardboard ears were places I used tape to stick them on and to cover up the hollow bits. From there I spray painted the whole thing yellow, taped it up, spray painted the blue bits, and then I went back with paint pens and did the symbol.

The symbol thingie is my pride and joy it is a masterpiece :')

When I rewore this costume at AKon 2011 I did a little more modding to the helmet.
I added bondo and try as I might I could not get that thing perfectly smooth so it was p bumpy at AKon but hey it's all good. I can go back and fix that shit the next time I wear Celty :''')

Anyway for a first Cosplay it was a TOTAL JOY. I got so many pictures, so many stories, so many nice comments, and slightly sexual/creepy but still flattering comments, BUT YEAH IT WAS THE BEST IDEA EVER AND ONE of MY FAVORITE COSPLAYS TO WEAR DESPITE NOT BEING ABLE TO BREATHE!! hehehahahaha!!


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