Hinata Hyuuga




5/25/13: costume arrived in the mail today!! :D It's from cosplaymagic, and I bought it from the wonderful lady.otaku here on cosplay.com. I also just ordered the headband, also from cosplaymagic. Still need the wig, contacts, shoes, kunai pouch and weapons! I'll be using the shirt and jacket for RtN Hinata as well, this October.

Okay. So, the first like 17 pictures are from a photoshoot I did with my sister. I was so excited when my wig came, I didn't even cut it. I slapped it on, threw on the costume, and posed. Still needs the contacts, headband, shoes, leg bandage, etc. Just for fun.


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Series Naruto
Character Hinata Hyuuga
Variant Shippuden


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