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I joined my best friends for this Black Moon Clan (Sailor Moon villains) cosplay group. Some of them had debuted their costumes at Leipzig Book Fair already, but for TiCon in November, we were almost complete - we're only missing a Berthier now!

The pink bodysuit is just plain ugly, but I wore it with pride *lol* I copied and cut up the pattern (KwikSew) to make all those vertical lines _real seams_, because I didn't like the look of painted stripes that I've seen in other Koan costumes. (The bodysuit consists of 20 pieces, not counting the sleeves, trim, and lining!)

My favorite part is the bouncy feather tutu! I used turkey pointers (for the bottom layer) and turkey rounds (for the top layer), smaller goose feathers as fillers, and a few coque as highlights.

The wig was the most time-consuming part. It's made of a long-length purple wig and approx. 4-5 packs of extensions, all custom-colored to achieve a dark purple/blue color blend. To see how I made the hairbuns, check out the odango tutorial in my gallery: http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1896721/

I also made my boyfriend's Prince Diamond costume, and Petz's wig.

Cost: EUR 185 (~ US$ 240)


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