Princess Sailor Moon

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



Another version of Sailor Moon! Ever since I watched the live action, I wanted to make this, but I made it based on the illustration by Naoko Takeuchi rather than the live action costume~ I made all the details of the borders of the lace by hand, and also had to sew all the pearls by hand as well, so, although it's a relatively easy cosplay, it has a lot of work x.x; the Moon Wand was my old wand that I used with my Serenity cosplay, I remade some parts and repainted the whole thing, and put a better crystal on it~
The act was quite a lot of fun to make, my friends helped me with our eternal version cosplays, and qe all loved how it turned out *_*


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Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Character Princess Sailor Moon


Narnian You did a wonderful job!

Magicharis aaaay tu eres ama-chan!!! vdd vdd?! nawara tengo hace bastante tiempo te queria preguntar jajaj donde encuentras pelucas taaan laargas XD, compras las extensiones y las haces tu misma?...t agradeceria full tu ayuda ^//^

LKD Wow! The detail in the lace is amazing! Great job ^^