Zero Kiryu

Vampire Knight



Zero… I had so much fun going as Zero. I got into Vampire Knight about a year ago and since then, have been insanely in love with the series. I knew I’d have to cosplay from the series and my two top choices were Zero and Kaname. Since I felt I could match Zero’s demeanor better, I went with Zero.

I didn’t do too much for this cosplay. The main thing that I worked on for this cosplay was the Bloody Rose gun of Zero’s. I got a Red Training Gun (plastic, non-moving part, all that) and spray painted it silver leaving the tip red (due to prop regulations). I screwed in a hook and added a chain to the end to finish it off. For the wig, I asked my friend Kristin (who worked on my wigs for Frau and Dark) if she would style my wig for Zero as well. She did and it came out wonderfully! You can find her info here:

I first went as Zero for Halloween ’10, but the first time I premiered it at a con was at AnimeUSA ’10. I was also lucky enough during AUSA to do a shoot with Tsukasa325 on (her info here: ) who went as Toga Yagari as well as bandoodie on DeviantArt (her page here: ) who went as Yuki Cross. It was a total blast. :D I shall have pics up soon! Hope you like it! ^_^


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