Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days



I bought it on ebay and also bought the wig on ebay...The only thing I have left is the Keyblade, which I intend to make haha wish me luck on that please...But I haven't gone to any anime cons YET with it, but I will soon I can't wait, I'll be going with my friend who will be axel XD her name is Kaitlin and I'll put pictures up soon...Kaitlin and I are probably going to do an AkuRoku Christmas video together and play in the snow xD I can't we literally JUST thought of it. I texted her like 3 minutes ago and we thought of it while we were texting eachother and we HAS to do it xD


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Series Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Character Roxas
Variant Organization 13 outfit


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