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Oh my! Theres so much to write about this costume I dont know where to start.
Since i remember i always wanted to cosplay Lenneth. Shes my favourite character from all VP games, wears my beloved colours and has really great design. When I was picking my costume for EuroCosplay Finals it definietly had to be her.
Costume itself was huge adventure for me. I never had to work with so many new materials. I used alot of craft foams,papermache for helmet and shoulder pieces,woodglue and friendly plastic.For the base of the armor i used mannequin :3 Also, I had opportunity to use wonderflex for the first time! It works great! For the wig i used two wigs sewn together to make braid really thick. I also made pair of huge wings for my presentation but unfortunately i stepped on the feathers while raising them up so they broke down on stage :<
I'm very satisfied with the result. It was my first so advanced armor project and i did my best for it. I hope to re-wear it soon in Poland!

Omg, showcased?! Thank you so much for everything guys,your warm words and compliments - its an awesome Christmas gift! :3


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Kitchen Viper Amazing detail and handiwork! Bravo!

Zack_Fair_2002 ZOMG! LENNETH! ZOMG! I love Valkyrie Profile! You just made my day! Awesome cosplay!

bobsusedgimmick Your Lenneth cosplay is amazing.

Kate O'Riley Wow the wings are beautifull!! Realy well one!!

Cerra-chan I am simply in LOVE with the brilliance of your work. I plan on making a Hrist Valkyrie for a convention that's in June But I have no Idea what to make the backbone of my armor out of. Most of the things available to me is craft foam, foam board, cardboard, and I have to order wonderflex out of the states. Can I have your advice on how to build my armor? Plus, keep up with the fantastic work :)

SlimDefinition Hi again! Sorry to spam your costume page, but I can't seem to send you PMs. So far I've got the two guys who did Lezard and Dylan consenting to do it in October with us, and the girls doing Freya and the Valkyrie version of Alicia. There is a girl who might do normal Alicia if she is able to attend, and I'm still waiting to hear back on the one who's making Silmeria. Sadly the guy who would've done Rufus is booked up for October Expo. I am SlimDefinition on Facebook as well.

SlimDefinition Hey, I'll talk to the others ok and see if it can be arranged. I can't promise right now but I'll get back to you. Are you on Facebook at all? Could I add you if you are? PM me ok, I think it's a good idea considering the group having fallen apart for May so far.

SlimDefinition Hi Shappi, sorry only just saw your reply to my comment. We're doing Valkyrie Profile at London Expo again in May, I don't know if you're going but if you are, would you bring Lenneth for the Saturday or Sunday?

YuKa_CuTE wow.. amazing.. i love your lenneth.. i have my lenneth too.. but i thing your the best.. i love the wings.. you did very well. i am sorry bout my english ^0^

AuraRinoa Just perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

MysteriousMaemi congratz with your showcase. You deserved it! Maybe I'll see you next year on a polish con? (I would love to visit poland and a con ;) )

Mahato Shey-Kun This is absolutely gorgeous!

Kapalaka Shappi!!!! <3 :D Congrats on the showcase, it is well deserved!

Narnian Amazing!

FantasyNinja Congrats on the showcase!! Your costume is fantastic!!!

[email protected] Congrats Dear :-) You deserved it! *hug*

Angeal very awesome costume

MattJynxJ13 Now, THIS deserves it's showcase. ^^ Great work.

[email protected] Shappi, congratulations on the showcase =))) well deserved, your costume is amazing, and even better in real life ;-) xxx

Spik€ Congratulation for the Showcase ! It's really deserve ! *Proud*