Ivy Valentine

Soulcalibur IV



Ivy Soul Calibur IV. I have wanted to cosplay Ivy since I first played Soul Calibur II. She's a hot babe, but once you get to know her, she is more than just an oversized pair of boobs. She's a really smart, driven babe. She made her sword which she named the Valentine after her adoptive parents. She's an alchemist, and she wants to wield the pure sword, Soul Calibur, but her soul is evil. Her father, Cervantes, comes and tries to kill her and steal her soul. He steals most of her soul (which makes it difficult for her to wield her sword) but she bonds the prototype soul she had been working on with the remains of her old soul. She still has enough soul connection with her sword to wield it. She sets out to destroy evil with hopes that she will now be able to wield the Soul Calibur.
I mean who doesn't want to be gorgeous AND smart? Come on. (And have a really bitchin' sword)


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Character Ivy Valentine


AJV It's cool to see that you're working on an Ivy cosplay. :) I've really grown to appreciate her as a character and I've seen that she's much more than just eye candy since I began to play (and train) as her in SC4. Now she's actually one of my fav characters from Soul Calibur. ^^ From what I have seen of your previous cosplays, I'm confident that you'll be able to pull it off quite nicely.