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My friend came up with the idea. I have been getting back into pokemon with Soul Silver, I used to be obsessed with Pokemon as a kid when the original Red came out. When I saw pictures of Minun and Plusle, they were so cute I had to agree to the cosplay!!
I made the sweatshirts within a week of the con. It was last minute planned for us to go. Just got them done in time the night before!!! Never had to make ears like that before so that was interesting to put together. The hardest part was actually sewing on the details on the arms. Glad I did them though because that is my favourite part on them now ^-^ Used some fraying glue on them and the pokeball to stop the sweatshirt material from leaving those fuzzy ball things on the yellow material.
Unfortunately the yellow tights I wanted for the cosplay did not come in the mail in time so I used blue ones I had from my K-on cosplay. Didn't work very well with the blue shoes but it was all I had for it. Also would like to replace the blue wig because the one I had kept curling the wrong way or looked really weird sometimes. Also had blue contacts in which I didn't get a close enough picture of ^-^
My friend also was the one with the idea to have the ears opposite, mine standing up on the right and his on the left


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