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I got conned into this cosplay. I am not a video game player, but BFF Kiki loves the Tales games. She convinced me to make this atrocity.

Okay, it's not that horrible. But I had to make a hat. Again. And I hate it. Again.

White sateen cotton is the basis of this entire thing. The dress started off as a summer, strapless dress pattern. It got hemmed, sleeves added, a cape thingie added, and a neckpiece. Somehow, yet again, it ended up slightly bigger in the bust than it was supposed to be. Hopefully my new dressform will remedy that problem in the future.

The hat started off as a round hat pattern. I added a strip to it, cut a hole, stuffed it with tulle and stuffing, and added some plastic combs to help keep it in place. It's a bit too poofy for my taste, but I can deal with it.

I styled the wig, although "styled" means trimming the bangs a bit. Very happy with how the bangs turned out though. I went slow and took my time and they sweep just like they should. Hopefully they will stay that way.

This cosplay was the first time I casted resin. It wasn't as difficult as I thought, but it wasn't as easy either. I used a dome mold, mixed the resin, and let it cure. Once it was cured, I added some aluminum foil to the back and then glued on the yellow piping (which is dyed). That was all glued to the blue and red arrow, made of heavy cotton and red bias tape.


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