Final Fantasy X



Made to go with a FFX cosplay group for Anime Boston.

The skirt was made from the wrong side of a grey suede fabric. I chose to do the grey based off of the in-game FMVs, as opposed to black from the artwork or the in-game graphics. The fur was bought from Joann's, and was hand colored with sharpies by me. The bottom of the dress and the sleeves were hand-painted, and are still considered incomplete as of the photos I have of the costume.

The belts are made from fabric mounted on a heavy bottom weight and are SO INCOMPLETE THAT I COULD CRY. Seriously, do not look at my belts, they look like poo. The trim on the top of the belts was drawn out by me, and then hand painted on individual pieces of fabric and hand-sewed on to the front, and are as game-accurate as I could get. The corset was bought, but the grey stripes were painted on by me. The cactuar was bought from e-bay.

My necklaces and earrings were bought from cosplaypropsetc. My hair sticks were made by me. I used my real hair for this cosplay, the braids were made from yard attached to a clip hidden under my hair.


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Series Final Fantasy X
Character Lulu


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