Hideki Motosuwa




I created this quick "thrift shop" costume for JAFAX in 2009. I bought a green button up shirt, a white undershirt, and used a pair of jeans for this costume.

The most expensive part of the costume was the talking Sumomo doll that I carried around the whole time. The doll only cost $15-20 or so. A button behind her head has her say things like "You've got email!" in english (didn't see a Japanese language one). Because all her audio circuits and speaker were in her head, her head was way bigger than her body and she is very top heavy, and easily falls over.

I didn't take any pictures at that con, and I could not find the people who took my photo, so I had to take pictures after the fact... some of the pictures I have were taken less than a year ago.

If I were to do this costume again I may consider a wig, although his hair is pretty close to mine when mine's longer.

(photos coming soon)


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Series Chobits
Character Hideki Motosuwa
Variant Green shirt/white undershirt/jeans


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