Susan Vandom




Debuted at Yukicon 2014. Costume icon photo by Biitti.

Costume details:
- Pretty much the only parts that required "real work" or modifying were the skirt (sewn), the belt and the wig. Everything else was purchased, or I already had them (eg. the shoes) in my closet.
- The skirt is made of polyester and is filly lined. I drafted the pattern myself. This particular piece of clothing is quite exceptional in the aspect that I wear it outside of cosplay, too!
- I used the same fabric for the belt as for the skirt.
- The wig was purchased from Arda and modified.

All in all, a very simple costume that's comfortable to wear! Despite the fact that no-one really seemed to recognize the character at the convention (which isn't really that susprising xD), I had fun wearing this costume. I hope to wear Susan again soon!


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Series W.I.T.C.H
Character Susan Vandom


inconspicuous Here's a cosplay I never thought I'd see. Wonderful idea; you look great!