Kamishiro Ryouga/Reginald Kastle

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal



-The wig has a craft foam base and the tentacles and bangs are covered in wig fibers from packs of short weft extensions. All of the purple fibers started as Arda's Ultraviolet and were dyed using the stovetop-fabric dye method.

-The purple shirt was made out of a poly-linen blend with satin cuffs, satin turquoise diamonds, and resin-cast diamonds.

-The necklace pendant is made out of sculpty with a rhinestone in it.

-The shirt was bought and modified into a V-neck.

-The belt was made out of vinyl and the belt buckle was made out of sculpty.

-The pants and rings are simply bought.

-The shoes are modified with resin-cast diamonds.


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Series Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal
Character Kamishiro Ryouga/Reginald Kastle


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