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Talk about a costume I thought would be easy but wasn't... Saizo is one of the simpler character designs in Fire Emblem Fates, so I hoped he'd at least be a bit easier than Olivia. To be fair, many parts were: His armor is all simple shapes that were easy to attatch and paint, his mask was easy to break down into smaller pieces, his gi was could be made from a tank top pattern, and his scarf is just a rectangle. The real problems came with getting it done in time: The gi gave me a ton of trouble because I'd accidently cut it too small, but I managed to salvage it with some quick thinking (and some safety pins. Shhh...). This was my first time trying to spike a wig, and it came out better than I expected. This is also the first costume I've ever made entirely by myself (not counting store-bought pieces), so there's still something I'm proud of here!


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Series Fire Emblem Fates
Character Saizo


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