Sister Benedron

World of Warcraft



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Last Updated 2 years ago
Created 3 years ago
Series World of Warcraft
Character Sister Benedron
Variant DC Unlimited Statue


MelColley @Scunosi: Thanks so much! I hope this one turns out okay :S @SuperBee: Thanks :) I've worked with cardboard so much at this point that it feels comfortable in my hands, more so than foam or any other materials hahaha. @gypsy_girl: I actually don't drink too much pop! I get the boxes from other people, my parents and from the deli I work in. As for durability, it's average. It breaks if I walk into things or am careless, but holds its shape better than foam does, which is why I like it especially for shoulders and props. I always use foam for armour on my feet and lower legs though, since it needs to be more flexible and tends to rub against itself a bit more.

Scunosi I love watching your cardboard builds before they turn into the final product!

SuperBee Quite impressive. I think I remember this character. I am awe-inspired by your cardboard construction. I never quite got the hang of it.

gypsy_girl Two questions. 1. How much pop do you drink? 2. How well does the cardboard stand up? How is the durability?