Juvia Lockser

Fairy Tail



My husband and i have been wanting to bring our OTP together in cosplay for a while and now and we finally buckled down to do it. I was extremely pleased with how my Juvia came out! Admittedly, I purposely chose an outfit that she wears her hair down, just cuz I didn't want to deal with the nightmare "neck roll" thing she often has. The hat took a couple tries. As usual, nothing is lined. I'm lazy and hate lining my outfits. The whole thing was basically starting with a store bought pattern and modifying it as necessary. Bought the high heel boots at the thrift store, but couldn't wear them all day. The tattoo was sharpie yet again. We discovered that it doesn't do as well for my husband who's skin is more oily than mine.

We intend to do more Fairy Tail couples in the future and I am so excited!

Now Worn: Anime Los Angeles 2018


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Series Fairy Tail
Character Juvia Lockser
Variant GMG


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