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Nothing like a time crunch! I spent so much time working on the detailed flightsuit underneath that I really had to go into berserker mode to finish the robe! Sadly, since transformative clothing is pretty much science fiction, there was no way around making 2 separate costumes to get the full effect. Oh well, it was worth all the hours invested.

I definitely had to make mockups for both the flight suit and robe due to all the color blocking and the fact that the flight suit is so form-fitting and the robe needs to fit well overtop! Over all, I would say this is one of the most deceptively challenging costumes I have made yet. It looked so easy on paper. This was also one of those nice moments where you remake a costume you scrapped years ago and can rise above the challenge and take it to completion. Back in the days of season 1 being new, I attempted to make only the flight suit and it was horrible. As old and obscure as the series is, I am so glad I was able to complete his season 2 costume to my liking. Also, season 1's cloaks (the giant pants) always made me laugh to the point I could never make them so it had to be season 2 version for the robe.

Materials: White sateen, gold vinyl, black vinyl, white vinyl, satin, purple iDye on the tassels and cord, foamies, thermal conductive vinyl, etc.

Wig: Bought a long silver wig off of eBay. It was thinner than I preferred so I purchased silver wefts from Epic Cosplay and bulked out the wig. The color match was perfect as was the fiber texture.

I used scissors and a trimmer to handle styling the back and fringe of the wig.


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Pippin4242 Oh dude, this looks AMAZING and I can't believe you even found a suitable backdrop for the photo! Amazing work!