Varric Tethras

Dragon Age II



I compiled a reference from screencaps and the concept art, but the concept art had the cleanest lines, so that's what I worked from.

The jacket is made from upholstery suede that I picked up at SAS Fabrics in Phoenix. They seem to have an abundance of the color, so I went with the largest solid piece I could find, and I had plenty left over for a quiver.

The lining for the jacket is a black pinstriped moleskin for the lining, since it looked extra sleek and classy.

The tunic is made of a thick red cotton blend. It went through the wash a few times to soften it up, and it held its shape and color well, so I'm very happy with it. The weave is coarse enough that it embroidering on it was a sinch. The gold bars were ribbon that I poked through with a large needle, and the detail work is couched thread.

The sash is green moleskin. It looks like and soft and appropriately pet-able. I can't find a website detailing how to tie the appropriate square knot, so I simply wrapped it around, tied it and tucked in the ends.

The pants are also black pinstripe moleskin, which turned out far more fabulous than I had anticipated. They have elastic on the feet so they poof out over the boots and hide my knees for extra-low squat poses.

I wore black Ugg boots. Soft, comfy, comparible to the pictures. I was going to throw boot cuffs over them, but the pants hid the important parts.

And Bianca... Oh, Bianca. Bianca took three days to craft in a wood-shop. She's cut from a 2x6 of cedar. The arms, braces, pulley trough, and muzzle are carved and molded ABS plastic and PVC. The trigger is part of an aluminum fence post. The spool on the bottom is made of delrin. The pulleys are wood dowels with ribbon from Joann Fabrics super-glued around them. They were epoxied down into the trough and ... will probably never budge, despite my fears that they'll just fall out. The handle is a wood dowel and shaped ABS plastic.

I made the necklace out of wood beads from Michael's Crafts, spray painted gold and enameled. The ring was a wood ring from a belt I found at Goodwill for a dollar. It's held together with copper crafting wire from Joann Fabrics.

The earrings were surgical steel starter earrings from Claire's. I spray painted them gold and mounted magnets on the back so they'd stay on my ears, no piercings necessary.

And the hair, well. That's my hair, wrapped up in a bun.

The chest binding was much easier than I thought it would be. I attempted using Athletic Tape from Sports Authority, but I'm a 34DD, and inch wide tape did NOT do the job. I wound up purchasing a roll of Kinesiology Tape and laying down on the floor to allow gravity to do the work for me. The tape was rated for five days of use. I used it for one and was confident that there would be no mishaps throughout the weekend, if so desired. The tape *did* stretch throughout the day, however, so I'll need more practice on application in the future.

I purchased cream based face-paint and a stipple from a costume supply store in order to paint on a beard and chesthair -- but I wasn't satisfied with the colors I wound up with. Room for future improvement. :)


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Series Dragon Age II
Character Varric Tethras


Narnian Amazing Varric! You did so well!

Fixx_Gothke Amazing! The posses are perfect and so is the costume. Not to mention Bianca looks stunning. ^-^

Kayobreaker that is an awesome varric amazing job :D dragon age ftw haha

Donotquestionme Ok. I have to ask, are you doing the chest hair? It really wouldn't be Varric without it.