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Oh, Meg and your ability to get kidnapped all the time.

I did this sort of because Eau de Decus in my group cosplays as Jo, also because Meg wears what has been affectionately called a "hoochie" outfit. After crossplaying so much, it's nice to flaunt the curves every so often. (Note: the skirt really does "split" at the seams that tie together, but I wear flesh-colored dancer's shorts under.)

The wig is Epic Cosplay's M-02 in Dark Red with some slight styling of the bangs and antenna. The boots are the Gogo 300 in brown, from The revolver was a little plastic thing from a Halloween website. :3

The rifle was debuted at Fanime 2011 - roughly 25-30 pounds in weight and just over seven feet in length. Not easy to carry. But still - so much love. Since then I've reinforced the body pieces with metal brackets and touching up the paint. Estimated work on this prop ~ 175-200 hours.

Costume commissioned by <3

Eau de Decus as Jo.


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Tori Yummai This looks fantastic!