So here's my new costume :-) Angel from Nadack's work! Along with that costume, she also has 2 other versions. A lovely sexy one, and a more "casual" version, while Devil has 6 illustrations for her alone *bleeeh*

For this costume:

* I didn't find anything that looked like the fabric I needed. So I came to the conclusion that light blue/dark blue stripy fabric didn't exist :D so I had to make the stripes myself.
I didn't want to sew the ribbons on the fabric, because I didn't want the stiches to show, so the fabric would have looked naturally striped :-) so I used ribbons of viseline to place the stripes on the fabric. Overall, +/- 30 meters of dark blue satin ribbon were needed on the overall costume. The skirt was missing a few stripes (there is one every 15cm at the moment), but I had no other choice than leaving it that way for the moment, as there was simply NO blue ribbon available in the town's shops as I bought everything. So I will have to wait for the next order to update the skirt.

* For the corset, I used the same pattern I used for Enira's. So it's an 8 pieces corset. I needed 1/2 m of duchess satin, cotton drill and lining.
Here's a tip: cotton drill only costs about £5 a meter, and it's very stiff. The thickest version of the fabric has often been used in corset-making. So this is a very inexpensive alternative to the expensive "coutil" ou "toile à corset".
I sew the satin + the cotton together first, and then I make the tunnels: 1 on each side of each stitch. Then I place the bones (preferably very stiff plastic ones - not rigilène - if you want the form of the chest to show a little bit more, I used that for Enira - , or metal bones coated with plastic - which is what I used this time -). Then I put the lining so the back looks very neat.

* The uppert skirt + sleeves and butt-parts were made with 4.5 meters of duchess satin. For the upper skirt, I followed loosely the simplicity pattern for french rococo dresses, so I would have exactly the right shape for the skirt.

* The underskirt was made with 4.5m of white taffetas, and was gathered on 3 parts to create the pleats. It was decorated with large broderie anglaise (8m on the whole costume).

* On the "butt parts" are 7meters of light blue ribbon. I think the difference of blue on the image is due to the reflection of the light on the dress, but as I wasn't sure, I put some light blue stripes to create the illusion.

* The gloves were made out of strech synthetic fabric (not bi-strech) and for the pattern I used old party gloves. At the beginning I wanted to alter some gloves I had bought, but they were really too long and too strechy, so they were always falling down as an accordeon... So I decided to destroy an old pair to make appropriate gloves... But it wasn't a big success, it's really hard to do the fingers properly :p but you live, you learn.

* The wings were made out of a cardboard "sandwich placed" over 3 steel wires (for rigidity and to avoid it being too fragile). I used long feathers (3 layers, like on the artwork) and a layer of small indian style feathers (with a square top) for the "duvet" part. Then the wings were screwed on a wooden and foam board and were holding in my back thanks to a belt and the laces ofmy corset.

* The crown was made out of light foam covered with 2 layers of isolant material and 3 layers of golden paint. Then strass and decorations were added.

* under the skirt are a set of handmade undergarments: first some XVIII century style panniers (little side pocket hoops), a cotton and tulle petticoat, and a cotton bumroll to maintain the "faux cul". Together, those garments give its shape to the dress.
* For the decorations, I used:

-1 1/2 meter of light blue ribbon on the corset (top), -2m at the bottom
-I used silk satin (30cm)for the darker blue bows on the corset1
-16meters of hand gathered dark blue ribbon to make the decorations on the front of the blue skirt
- The blue stones were made from large crystal glass stones that I painted with blue glass paint and I arranged them around some golden gallon.

BOUGHT: the jewels (necklace + earings). They're not really visible on the artwork, so I decided to use some jewels I bought from an Indian shop. The colour was really identical to the costume's :-)


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Shappi Congratulations! Beautifull costume!