Tifa Lockhart

Final Fantasy VII



THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS COSTUME. XD But for some reason, I still feel like posting it.

The day of the midnight release of Dissidia Duodecim, my boyfriend and I were playing around about him wearing his Dissidia Squall to it, and I was like "It'd be so funny if we like, made a Tifa for me in the next few hours! haha... ha... ha.... w-wait."

XD And we did.

The gloves are his Orphen ones, the boots are my Rinoa ones, the wig was one we had laying around, and everything else we made from scratch the couple of hours before the release.

Moral of the story? We're cray cray. :3


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Series Final Fantasy VII
Character Tifa Lockhart
Variant Dissidia


KnightJeran PSHHHH and you say this isn't serious. You're a better Tifa cosplayer than anyone I know!

Kiandra Not a serious costume? Oh my, you're one of the best Tifas around there... ^^

Liliana ^WHAT? YOU'VE DONE EDEA?! Post pics ASAP!!! 8D Btw, I love your Tifa cosplay, you've brought her character to life. ^_^

Hee-Hee This could TOTALLY be a serious costume, quiet you. And pssssh, these photos go up before Edea? FIX THIS NAO!