Hikaru Koyama

Hinoi Team



Photos by Cless.

Exact cost: 31.32 euros.

Making of process:

Again, this was to dance para para! I love Hinoi Team routines, and Super Euro Flash is one of my favorites.

This costume was not too hard to make. I used an imitation of suede in a dark violet tone for the clothes. I bought about 1 m. and a half, althought I didn't use it all, it was enough for the jacket and the skirt. For the white, long, horizontal stripes in the jacket, I used what was left from Waka's white wings. I used white cotton ribbons in the neck and the waistband of the skirt. I used white felt for the two W's (jacket and skirt) and the weird triangle in the back. I also bought and hand sewed 18 buttons (12 in the jacket and 6 in the skirt). The white t-shirt is one I already had.

I used one of my jackets as a pattern, and I did the skirt out of my measures. I had to pre-calculate the measures of the pleats to have them included in the skirt before I cut the fabric. I used the same technique to iron the pleats than I did in my Amano Yuna remake: tacked them first, wet them second, iron. Repeating in the other side. This way the pleats stay marked.

I had a lot of problems with the sneakers. I have a very cheap pair, and of a poor quality. They were 9 euros if I remember well. I bought them because I needed a white pair of sneakers. I've had used the pair I had before for Rin Kagamine and I didn't want to wear always my black pair everywhere. But they hurted my feet a lot, even if I only used them to dance. I tried to put isoles inside them, but it didn't work. One of my legs got swollen and hurted a lot. So I've bought a running/walking pair, which are very comfortable and only costed 15 euros, thanks to a special disccount. It seems that no one wanted white running sneakers.

I also had a problem with the W's, because I put them in the wrong side first. I was following a capture from a mirror version of the videos, which are the ones I use to learn the routines. But I realized about the mistake and corrected it inmediately.

We got the second place in the contest! We are really happy, we always think we'll never win but this year we tried harder and had better luck I suppose.


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