Feena Fam Earthlight

Brighter Than The Dawning Blue



The cosplay that really didn't want to happen!
The crown and gloves were last minute constructions before the con, using bendable foam board, hot glue, 3D fabric paint and costume gems.
On arriving at the con I realised I'd brought the wrong wig (and had Lilith's (Darkstalkers) _short_ lilac wig, instead of a long one!) - HUGE thanks to the cosplay wig vendor in the dealers room who had exactly what I needed!
Photos at Katsucon's Gaylord Hotel, unfortunately my plan to do a midnight photoshoot and include the moon (Given Feena is the Princess of the Moon in the series) was slightly let down by it being SOOOO cold, so I'm trying not to shiver in the outdoors photos!


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Series Brighter Than The Dawning Blue
Character Feena Fam Earthlight


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