Gloha_h as Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch


Cosplayer: Gloha_h
Scarlet Witch is a magic using mutant in Marvel's comic books-featured predominantly in the Avengers storylines. (Kurt Busiek wrote my favorite version of her). She had a mental breakdown due to her personal tragedies, but seems to be recovering. I really hope writers treat her well~she needs it!

Scarlet Witch Costume: Top down....I bought the wig online, and it grew a bit on me. I free drafted the headpiece from wonderflex and craft foam, then glued on the vinyl fabric I used on the bodysuit. The bodysuit is made from vinyl (the non-stretch variety) using Burda pattern 8601 ( and has seam detailing to reflect one of her comic looks (from Mighty Avengers). It's also lined with costume satin, boned to give structure and has links to allow for the lace up look! The cape is based off of a Marvel statue (, and when I saw how well it translated when Yaya Han did it(, I had to try my own! The boots were made using Sarcasm Hime's boot tutorial .

I love Wanda so much and REALLY hated the mental breakdown storyline (it stopped me reading Avengers), but am glad she's back in Mighty Avengers. If you make Scarlet Witch, use a 4 way stretch vinyl, it'll look better and conform to your body better! Other than that....the costume was pretty easy to put together!