Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

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Sailor Moon has been one of my dream cosplays. Since I was little I've wanted to be her. Now, I'm putting my skills to the test in every cosplaying department. Mostly because this is my frist time with spandex, wigs, styling, pleats and straight "need-to-be-perfect" lines. Oh, and bows. xD

Now that everything is done, I'd love to make boot covers instead of what I used originally. I need to photoshoot this cosplay too. @[email protected]


@Kayla Marie C
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Series Sailor Moon
Character Sailor Moon
Variant Season 1


NinjaEatsZombie You did a wonderful job :) I'm looking into doing this soon but as Marceline from Adventure Time.

rchcc122 You are so cute in this costume! You look just like I would picture her in real life :D