Spike Spiegel

Cowboy Bebop



I adore Spike spiegel and it was one of my first cosplays. Might i add horribly done as well? I think that's how most first cosplays go XD I was really excited to re-attempt this cosplay. I wanted to do something different since i feel like binding would be ridiculous for me. I just felt like i'd be uncomfortable. So, i went and drew up a design for a femSpike outfit. I didn't want to look at what had already been done since i wanted no influence on said design. I usually look up pics to see what others have done right off the bat but opted against it just for this one. I ended up using materials i have never used before such as satin and suiting fabrics. Satin is nice but very difficult to work with. Snags so easy. Definitely a learning experience overall. Alot of my issue is i dont have a mannequin so i'm putting these pieces on myself to see if they fit. It's really not the best way to do this. One of these days i'll get a hold of a mannequin. D:


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Series Cowboy Bebop
Character Spike Spiegel
Variant Female version


Wingeddeath243 Thank you :3

natile pretty cute :)