Mami Tomoe

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

After marathoning the anime in a few days I knew I really wanted to cosplay as Mami. It wasn't the fact that she was using rifles to shoot down her prey. Okay yes it was lol. All joking aside, she has a very warm gentle feel to her, fearsome in battle and yet a deep sadness as well. All the characters in the series have great backgrounds to them.

I started out with the skirt which I used simplicities 3847 in a bigger size so I could gather it a bit. I wanted to avoid any petticoat since her character does not wear one.

Then we started on the guns. Which was a long process and in the end I only ended up with one. It's all wood that has a really pretty white pearlized paint on it. I wanted it to feel more magical. The white small detail on the sides of the gun are foamies, a last minute ditch effort to get it done. I was still working on the gun details in the hotel Saturday morning. Sleep who needs it lol

I than started work on the corset. Which I used Truly Victorian 1890's Victorian Corselets pattern. I had to length it since the belts are pretty small so a mock up was made to make all the necessary adjustments. It has a total of 9 spiral bones and three layers of fabric. I do want to remake it since I learned a better way to handle the bias down the front. Though overall I'm very happy with how it turned out.

The arm sleeves and top were made a week before the convention and was trying to frantically finish at that point. All the bias was made from the same material as the skirt.

The hat was made following a Dr. Girlfriend pill box hat tutorial on youtube. It is made with buckram and the same fashion material as the corset. I opted from some really cool feathers instead of fur because I could not find fur that was long enough for that draping effect.

The stockings I purchased at sockdreams and the boots I purchased at Kohl's. The gold detail work was layers of white angelus paint than layers of antique gold angelus paint. They aren't complete but that's okay now I have new boots to work with that are a little more to my liking.

The soul gem was made with gold fimo, pear shaped swavorski crystals and floral decorating wire. It is very bling lol

There are a few things that didn't get done. The gloves and second hair clip. So when I wear this again it will hopefully be complete.
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Series Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Character Mami Tomoe
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