dedy as Wild Tiger

Wild Tiger

Tiger & Bunny

Cosplayer: dedy
When we won the Spanish preliminaries of WCS2012, We couldn't believe. It was our dream and after 9 years we did it finally. So I decided to do something that I hadn't done before.

After watching T&B i saw it clear, i wanted to do a robot and Wild tiger seems a good one, it was going to be my first robot and it seemed a challenge but it wasn't an ultramecha (i haven't enough experience to do a big mecha ^^U)
Onirica wanted to do something sexy so it was the perfect choice :D because we loved the characters personality too.

The most difficult part were the proportions, i tried to do it the most faithful as possible but i haven't the kotetsu's body XD I had to use a shoes with a heel of 10 cm.

- Helmet:
White pieces and jaw are made with forex.
Black pieces are made with forex covered with lycra.
For the eyes i broke a sunglasses
Finally the transparent horn was made with 3 pieces of plastic painted with glass paint and joined with bicomponent glue. The green parts are made with adhesive vinil

- Chest
It was done with 3 pieces of forex (front, upper back and neck) and 1 of foam (lower back) joined with bicomponet glue.

I used foam covered with lycra. In this piece i spent a lot of time because it was like a puzzle. I had to cut a piece cover it with lycra and join it with another piece. The green parts are made with adhesive vinil.

Arms and shoulders:

Black pieces were made with foam covered with lycra. White and grey parts were made with forex and foam. The transparent pieces were made with vacuum forming method.


Like the arms, black pieces are made with foam and covered with lycra. and withe an grey parts are made with forex and foam.

I used a hot gun to give shape to the forex and foam. The lycra was glued with bicomponet glue and superglue. I couldn't use hot glue because our friends told us that in japan this kind of glue melts. It was very expensive because usually i buy cheap glue but i had to buy expensive glue this time because i was afraid that the costume broke in japan if i used a cheap glue.

It was a real challenge to do this cosplay in 6 months because i had always thought that i would need a year to do a robot, that's why i can't believe that i was able to do it.

I have learned a lot and i think that i am able to do a bigger mecha now ;)

The experience in Japan was incredible and i would never forget those days and all the friends i met there.