We made Berserk ball costumes to perform in action defile at anime festival Animatsuri in Saint-Petersburg. Though action defile is something associated with fights and battles we decided to stage medieval dance in order to reproduce Berserk historical atmosphere.

Frankly speaking I don't really like this Griffith costume but it was interesting to make some of its details like leather shoulders with trimming. In general making wasn't really difficult but searching and combining materials were quite troublesome.

There were some changes in the team til the last moment but finally I performed with Camui who cosplayed Casca and Alvilda who cosplayed Charlotte. A month later Camui and I participated in another cosplay festival in these costumes which we improved. And finally in 2015 we made a photoshoot in an absolutely beautiful historic castle.

Defile video [October 2012]:

Defile video [December 2012]:


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Series Berserk
Character Griffith
Variant Golden Age: 2-nd Ball


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