Naga Serpent




This was one of the costumes that I took the most time to complete.

Fabrics: I made a point at using a fabric that greatly resembles leather. Also I wanted a very light cape, so it would fly with the slightest wind. I wanted a big cape to complement the lack of clothing on the rest. I used a pearl-like fabric for the undercape and a spandex for the "socks". The costume was sewn by my seamstress, and she made an excelent job at it ^^.

Wig: At first I ordered a dark purple wig for her, but the ended being too short. I wanted something longer so I had to order other one and style all the bangs on it. I love the color, such a dark purple.

Acessories: All the acessories were made by me, including the belt, crown, neckalce, earrings and shoulderpads. The necklace is made of styrifoam and biscuit painted with acrylic paint. The shoulderpads were the hardest part of the costume. In my first attempt I used craft foam, styrifoam and biscuit but when I painted them the paint dug holes into it and it looked horrible, on top of that they refused to stay on place. On my second attempt, instead of using styrifoam I used craft foam with biscuit for the spikes and it worked wonderfully well. I did the second shoulder pads from scratch and this time they stood in their place all day long. I think I can still improve them so I might do a third try at them, but these are great so far.

I started this costume early in 2011 and only finished it in nov. of 2012. It took me a lot of work and pain, but now I'm proud about it. I hope you all enjoy it!


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Character Naga Serpent


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