Jane Lane




I was looking through some reference pics I had and noticed that in Antisocial Climbers Jane is wearing a red hoodie and black jeans. Yay!! I was thinking about doing up a costume like this anyway, but now that I know it's cannon, I have to do it. I seem to have a weakness for hoodies.

I bought a Buttercup in black from Arda Wigs. It's got a permanent part in the right place already, so that gave me a good start. After 3.5 hours of work, it may be my best wig work yet!

The rest was really easy. The only thing I needed to go out and buy was the hoodie. I was at Jo-Ann's and they were 40% off, so I picked on up! Just a red hoodie. With it I'll wear my black jeans and black boots. Really easy costume. Really comfy costume!

One of these days I'll find the right backpack. :)


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Created 7 years ago
Series Daria
Character Jane Lane
Variant Antisocial Climbers


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