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The first thing I should mention is that I am aware this costume is not entirely complete - I didn't manage to finish the embroidery in time for its debut, but decided to wear it anyway and had great fun. I will be adding the embroidery in the future, as I'd eventually like to cosplay Rapunzel with blonde hair as well as brown.

That being said, I love Tangled! I dragged my boyfriend to the first showing at my local cinema when it was released because I was so excited to see it, and it certainly didn't disappoint. I've been hinting that I want him to cosplay Flynn, but he's having none of it. Oh well. :P I had a lot of fun constructing this costume, and although there were some headaches, I really love the way it's turned out.

The shirt was the start of my problems - I had originally ordered some patterned lilac cotton for it, but it turned out that the store was out of stock and would not be receiving any more of it. Instead, I chose the same fabric but in white, and bought some lilac fabric dye to do it myself. The eyelets were installed by my brother (because I'm rubbish at putting them in), and I laced them up with pink ribbon. The trim on the shirt is also pink ribbon, as well as white lace and pink lace. For the buttons on the back, I found six cute flowery buttons at my local craft store which I thought would be a nice touch, and the plain lilac cotton I used on the sleeves and back panel was left over from the Esmeralda costume I made for a friend. The pink parts of the sleeve are jersey fabric, which I free-hand painted the border designs onto.

When I ordered the fabric for my shirt, I also ordered the same fabric in a darker purple for the front panel of the skirt. The rest of the skirt was made out of purple satin that I'd originally bought for Zelda, but then decided I liked it better for Rapunzel (I have other fabric I'll use for Zelda instead). It's made out of six panels and a waistband, and fastens with a zip. The embroidery was all done by hand, and although it's not complete I will be finishing it in the future.

My Pascal is a cute little chameleon who lights up! :D He changes colour when you place him on something, or you can set him to rotate through a spectrum instead. Unfortunately his lights didn't show up very well outside, so I will have to get some photos when it's dark sometime too.

The wig was borrowed from CrazedTeensie as I didn't have enough time or money to make a blonde wig, so I am very grateful to her. I do want to make a blonde wig for this in the future, but at least I had the opportunity to cosplay Rapunzel with an accurate hairstyle anyway. The shoes are a pair of pink flats that I already owned, as I don't own purple ones.


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