Kaori Misaki


For as last minute as this was, Im pretty happy with how it came out. Also because the fact I had a very limited amount of fabric OTL

The capelette is so fun to spin around in! Its nearly a full circle skirt made out of cotton with brick red bias sewn as the trim and ties in the front.

The dress is just red polyester with white bias. I didn't have a pattern for the pleats so it was hard figuring out, but essentially i just had a lot of excess fabric while making the princess seams and cut it off where I wanted the pleats to open up. I evened them out, ironed them down and sewed the top of each pleat to keep it from flopping to one side or the other.

The first time Sara and I wore these, we were all so tired (including our photographer) by the time we did a mini shoot that I look so unhappy and dead in most the photos |D whoops. Never again will I wear 15 costumes in one weekend!! Im glad that we eventually got to re-shoot haha.
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Series Kanon
Character Kaori Misaki
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