Professor CHAOS / Butters Stotch

South Park



Man, I love South Park. For whatever reason it really surprises some people, but hey! Why cain't I have a sense of humor?! XD

Cartman may be my favorite character, but trailing closely behind in his stammering little way is totally Butters. He's adorable, hilarious, AND a super villain? HELLO, GOTTA COSPLAY THIS.

I'd been thinking of something simple-ish to cosplay for the last day of Akon this year, and eventually I just said "YEP, PROFESSOR CHAOS." and got to work.

Since it was really just a fun and not super-serious project, I went ahead and used actual tin foil on Chaos's armor, just like Butters did. Did it totally rip and tear when I started jumping around with a menacing laugh? Heck yeah it did! XD But it lasted long enough for me to get some pictures and have a great time, so I couldn't have asked for more.

I hope I can get a Coon & Friends group (or at least a General Disarray!) soon, and then I'll remake my armor with material that's far more sturdy and just resembles tin foil. And the wig's just awful. I styled it on my head at the con in like five minutes-- them spikes need to redid somethin' fierce!!

Cause boy! I-If I can't get my hair lookin' right and rip my armor again I'm sure gonna get grounded... ._.


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Series South Park
Character Professor CHAOS / Butters Stotch


VPM09645 This is amazing ; o ; awesome job!!!!

Moosey_Fate13 This... is beautiful. ;o;

Freehugforkenny I love your Butters!^^ He's just to cute^^ However I was wondering if you could actully help me out. I know this sounds stupid but do you know how to post? I've been trying for 2 hours and I can't find it, I'm a noob if you couldn't tell but I'm looking for south park cosplayers in my area too.^^ Once again though your Butters it just so cute!^^