Greaser/ Rockabilly Batman




doing a variation of Batman done by Denis Medri.
Tried to take his design and bring it to life the best I could hope you enjoy :)
Revamping and updating this costume for dcon2014
cowl done by David W
Concept by Denis Medri


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Created 8 years ago
Series Batman
Character Greaser/ Rockabilly Batman
Variant Rockabilly Batman


joshspiderman23 Thank you so much!!!

switchandrogyny Excellent execution!

joshspiderman23 4 way stretch lycra, in black mettalic, it will help create a fake leather look to it

Marvel Noir Hey, I have a question for you, although its particularly late. What materiel would would best in your opinion, for a spidey noir mask? I will be sewing the materiel onto a leather aviator cap.