Yuzuruha & Kongiku

Muramasa: The Demon Blade / 朧村正 (Oboro Muramasa)



Both costume where made by me but sadly I don't have any progress shots of Yuzuruha in the mad dash to try to finish both for Anime North 2011. I failed to finish my Kongiku last year.

Yuzuruha was easy we used a EpicCosplay 40" Silvery Grey Curly Wavy Extra Long wig and trimmed the bangs.

Kongiku ~ This wig I wished I started a month in advance and is was a lot of hours into it.
The Arda wig is all in Silver (063), a Leia and 4 Long Ponytails and 1 Long Weft where used. The skin part removed on the back but kept on the crown this allowed me the also expand the wig cap to fit my larger oblong shaped head. I use 1 clip on ponytail to fill in the 2" gap left by lost of the part. One more ponytail was used to thickened the back for stubbing.

Almost 2 of the Long Ponytails where used on the giant hair loop along with the remnants of the skin part I took off the base wig.

The side bangs I added another 3 to 4 rows of wefts to thicken. The bangs I added another 5 row of wefts to thicken.

I ran out of weft so I didn't quite get the finish look in the back of the wig stub I was hoping for (need two more layers) and I want to remake the hair loop again (the first one was scrapped so this is the second one on the wig) to be smaller/thinner so they it doesn't weigh that heavy on my head/neck.

Currently I have a metal wire spiked through the stub with base frame loops holding it up from the inside of the wig and about 20 wood skewers attaching the loop to the stub. O_O

The blunt bangs need to be trimmed a bit more but when I put the wig on in the hotel I realized a little late I trimmed them too long and all the smoothing work had to be chopped off and a rushed re-trim was done.

I order from global.rakuten.com both pairs but I highly recommend finding ones that have the option of adjusting the straps. The preformed ones in the L and LL sizes do not have a lot of room in the strap post area.

Yuzuruha & Kongiku original where both to be made with silk. Both where custom acid dyed on my stove in a large pot. When taking the fabric to a laundromat my orange silk was stained blue spot in the dryer. &gt;____<
Second attempt was a orange twill I rushed out to buy but the fabric paint I got for the silk didn't like the fabric. Thus wasn't able to finish mine for AN'2011

Yuzuruha obi has white trim around the board I was able to find twisted cord in the with size and heat n bond the entire thing around the lip after failing to be able to sew it on my machine. My Obijime is also twisted cord because I could not find a silk one the length I needed for me.

My Obiage is make of silk.

Both obi's are make like corsets with lace and the bows are made separate pieces that either hook on or loop around the obi. Yuzuruha is made of silk and Kongiku is made of a white cotton sateen brocade.

I will fill this in. There is SO MUCH to cover!


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Series Muramasa: The Demon Blade / &#26407;&#26449;&#27491; (Oboro Muramasa)
Character Yuzuruha & Kongiku


ladysphinx07 You look absolutely fantastic! So pretty! :D

Inoli you two make a beautiful pair! What wonderful craftsmanship on both these cosplays!