Feferi Piexes

MSPA: Homestuck

I felt so special to be invited to be a part of Phantom-Shadow's HS group at AX ;u; I started reading up on Homestuck and even though I was a lot farther behind than everyone and didnt know many of them, everyone in the group was so sweet. I was glad to be able to cosplay again with most of them at ALA '12 when we had nearly all the Ancestors as well.

For my updated version of Fef I remade my 2x3 Trident (beyond ghetto, but somehow I actually like how it turned out. Its just 2 pieces of posterboard painted and hot-glued together for thickness) and repainted a lot of things including my gold jewelry, shirt, diadem, shoes and goggles. I got new bracelets and styled my wig a lot better, I'm so happy with it now! It has 3 rows of curls, 4 flipped out layers then her mini-pouf and small side hairs. I think next time I wear Feferi I'd like to get not so terribly shiny tights and make some sleeves so I dont have to paint my arms and hands and rub off on all my clothing or worry about getting it on others. &gt;.< It'll also be useful for when I do some of the other Trolls.
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Series MSPA: Homestuck
Character Feferi Piexes
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