Serah Farron

Final Fantasy XIII



Been meaning to work on this costume for awhile now :)

So far I'm gathering all of the elements and I'm just putting them together,some things I'm using :

cut up jeans legs for the leggins (with acrylic painted over)

corset top (will be using it as a base to make the dress with )

Lunch bag (for her side satchel acrylics and rub and buff so far)

Old leather gloves (rub and buff acrylic detailing still need to make the lengths)

My old Vanille boots (to make Serah's boots)

Sculpey (to make the engagement necklace)

Old Earrings (to make the kitty cat earrings)

*Need jewels for the hairtye
*Need to style Wig /Add wefts
*Need to make weapon


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Created 8 years ago
Series Final Fantasy XIII
Character Serah Farron
Variant XIII 2 -Battle Outfit


ashelia89 O_____________o OMG *dies of happiness*