Gurren Lagann



This costume was pretty painful to wear. Mostly due to the athletic tape wrapping that I had to use on my body/arms. The wrapping was done in kind of a rush, so it was fairly tight. I need to find a better method for that.
Also, the wig was pretty fun to style. Due to time constraints, it was kind of worrisome. But it turned out nicely. I'm proud of it. =)
The tattoos were done using Aquacolor Body Paint. And the hilarious part was that we used the powder and didn't wet the brush, so it faded off pretty damn quick. Now that we know how to apply it, I know the tattoos will look a looooot better next time.
All in all, this costume was a blast to wear. I got many compliments and a few hugs as well. It felt pretty good (not in a physical way) to be Kamina. XD I plan to wear this cosplay a lot more.


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Created 8 years ago
Series Gurren Lagann
Character Kamina
Variant Genderbend


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