Muramasa: The Demon Blade

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I had so much fun making this costume. Between the wonderful fabrics I got to work with and the wig, I was pretty much in heaven.
The green kimono is a light lime peachskin, and the obi is this amazing royal brocade with a rose print that took me FOREVERRRRR to find. Instead of just using piping for the trimmed edges, I opted to do a roped cording which I die for. It makes me so happy!
The ears are made of an imitation 'wolf' fur, that I trimmed down at the base of the ear and kept long at the tips. I then took sharpies and colored each ear to have a gradient effect. They're lined with faux suede, and we used white feathers for the tufts.
The under skirt is royal dupioni silk. I just couldn't help myself.
The wig is my favourite part. It's two silver wigs, plus two pony tail pieces (one darker grey and one ash blonde) wefted into one glorious curly beautiful monster. I adore it!
We had the base oboros commissioned by our lovely friend Hue Dynamics, though we painted them and added the straps ourselves.
I ordered the paper umbrella from the interwebs, then hand-painted the tips and topper black. I used a painted PVC pipe to make the handle longer.


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Series Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Character Yuzuruha


Panda Treats Ani BEE- She was wearing a corset under all of her kimono, but the tie was just some black shantung :)

WARPAINTandUnicorns Greta seeing these up you two! Was Kalasnacks using a black underbust corset for the tie?