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I made this specially for watching movie together with Eorlingas club. For the Hobbit: Desolution of Smaug. December 15th 2013 at Gandaria Imax. Insya Allah. This dress is satin taffeta and I add them with swarovski. Basically, I accidentally turn a cosplay costume into a wedding dress...again.... The tribute for my King Thranduil.

I love his character in the book. He is nice and I don't like to see him being mock.

Sorry....I love the novel Hobbit by JRR Tolkien.

If you are actually read them, Thranduil is the man of oportunist. He is not greedy, even when the prisoners escape, he didn't punished the guard but send the group of watcher.

Somehow, in the movie, Thorin and Thranduil change character. You would'nt never like Thorin if you are reading the book.

Thanks to PJ, he make all character look amazing and live, thanks to great actors and actress he choosed too :) So here it is, my tribute for King Thranduil.

I'm not a great craftman. But I love to share what I know.

and I never expected this costume can win something.
Mall Alam Sutra event cosplay "The Hobbit Look Alike".
1st Winner is Thorin
2nd winner is Kili
3rd winner is Fili
4th is Elrond
5th is Thranduil (what? I thought there is only one winner XDD LOL )


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Series The Hobbit movie by PJ
Character Thranduil
Variant Silver Dress


seawaterwitch Thank you Mohmoh san :D :hug:

Mohmoh great!

seawaterwitch Thank you Little Raven-san :) :hug: You are so kind ^^v

Little Raven OMG, I love your cosplay, love the fabric, the crown, like everything ^_^ Great job!