Meulin Leijon




This was an original design that I came up with for Meulin. I wanted to try something sexy for a cute character. Think I managed it. My friend Nathan thought at first I'd be making this for Halloween... SURPRISE I wore it to Comic Con!

The green shirt is made out of fabric I bought in the clearance section, and I don't know what it is (it didn't say on the bolt). The pattern was for a blouse and I modified the body into a more form fitting belly shirt.

The jacket and skirt are the same material. The jacket was the same pattern used for Lady Joker. Skirt is similar pattern.

The tail is an original pattern and is hand sewn onto the skirt.

Horns are made of tin foil with three to four layers of spackle sanded and painted. They're mounted onto hair clips.

Gloves and tights are bought.


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Series Homestuck
Character Meulin Leijon
Variant Sexy Ringmaster


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